• Beau March 31, 2015 Rainer

    Hometown: London. The lineup: Rebekah Raa (vocals), Nic Nell (music). The background: This year’s BBC Sound Of… poll has had the usual mixed reaction. We think it’s a pretty strong lineup, even if just on the basis of FKA Twigs and Kelela, but there’s also Say Lou Lou and MNEK, Jungle and Sampha, Chance the […]

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  • Beau March 31, 2015 Sampha

    He’s the new piano man with the husky voice whose stark confessionals have made him the go-to balladeer for hip hoppers and dubsteppers. Hometown: Morden, South London. The lineup: Sampha Sisay (music, production). The background: Sampha first made a cameo in this column in 2010 in an article on rapper Dels, the year he released […]

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  • Beau March 31, 2015 Royal Blood

    Buzzworthy Brightonians channelling Zep and Pixies using the tried-and-tested two-piece format. Hometown: Brighton. The lineup: Mike Kerr (vocals, bass), Ben Thatcher (drums). The background: Although Drenge, Southern, Ruen Brothers and now Royal Blood have their own specialisms and idiosyncrasies, it would be hard to argue that they weren’t born out of an idea first formulated […]

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  • Beau March 31, 2015 Lolawolf

    Jim Hendrix impersonator sires 80s NYC disco-pop wild child. Are you gonna go her way? Hometown: Brooklyn. The lineup: Zoe Kravitz, James Levy, Raviv Ullman, Jimmy Giannopoulos. The background: “Would you take me to the West Side – would that be alright?” Zoë Kravitz ever so politely enquires on Drive, the lead track on Lolawolf’s […]

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  • Beau March 31, 2015 Naked (On Drugs)

    Franco-Manc duo with an artful combination of sleaze and menace. Hometown: Manchester. The lineup: Sebastien Perrin (vocals), Luke Byron Scott (guitar). The background: There’s a photo of today’s new duo, naked, although whether they’re on drugs we can’t tell. We can tell, however, that the photo of them was taken in the bath, which is […]

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  • Beau March 31, 2015 Michael A Grammar

    New Midlands band channelling Madchester via the Thames Valley. Hometown: Nottingham. The lineup: Frankie Mockett (guitar, vocals), Joel Sayers (guitar, vocals), Daniel Ondieki (bass), John Davies (drums). The background: Michael A Grammar are like a Manchester band doing an impression of a Thames Valley one; a hybrid of baggy and shoegaze. That’s not as curdling […]

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