• Beau March 31, 2015 IC1s

    These Harrow lads make music for terraces, in the yob-anthem vein of Sham 69 (with a little U2 guitar) Hometown: Harrow. The lineup: Daniel Coburn (vocals), Jesse James (guitars), John Campbell (guitars), Leon Dee (bass), Andy Faulkner (drums). The background: They headlined HMV’s Next Big Thing Festival and played on the Emerging Icons Festival Stage […]

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  • No images Beau March 31, 2015 Air Traffic Controller

    Quirkily infectious geek-pop from the States. Prediction: they might be giants. Hometown: Boston, USA. The lineup: Dave Munro (lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitar), Richie Munro (drums), Steve Scott (keyboards, effects, electric guitar), Casey Sullivan (lead vocals, bass, mandolin), Kiara Ana (viola). The background: Air Traffic Controller are one of those bands where it’s really […]

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  • No images Beau March 31, 2015 The Moth and the Flame

    Indie rock that is dour yet dazzling, from the home of Donny and Marie. Hometown: Provo, Utah. The lineup: Brandon Robbins (vocals, guitar), Mark Garbett (keyboards, vocals), Andrew Tolman (backing vocals, drums). The background: The Moth and the Flame are fulfilling a need, if indeed such a demand exists, for a Coldplay/Flaming Lips hybrid. They’re […]

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  • Beau March 31, 2015 Saint Motel

    If Jarvis Cocker moved to LA and made an album of yacht-rock influenced Britpop, it might sound like this. Hometown: Los Angeles. The lineup: A/J Jackson (lead vocals, guitar), Aaron Sharp (lead guitar), Chondrak “Dak” Lerdamornpong (bass), and Greg Erwin (drums). The background: Saint Motel are a Brit-indie band trapped in the bodies of four […]

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